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Get Out of the Way

July 6, 2017

“Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness. Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.” -Bruce Lee

It’s a quote that needs little to no clarification, though we must now examine our lives within the frame of this reality.

Ask yourself this: Just how much of my work or art has suffered on account of me worrying how it will be judged? How often do I look around when I am “engaged” in a task, giving my best energy to trivial considerations?

The Power of Waiting

At my church, there’s a young youth pastor who was tagged as the “saint” growing up. He received his share of teasing in highschool from his buddies, yet when it came time for advice, he was the one receiving the texts late at night.

The youth pastor would respond to those texts with paragraphs of his own thoughts, but he realized he could provide better. He decided to wait. Or as he put it, wait on the voice of God. From there, lines of text would be replaced with words and thoughts that weren’t his own, but flowed out of him to reach the person on the other line.

Super spirituality aside, it should be clear which principle he is applying to his life:

“It is not, ‘I am doing this,’ but rather, an inner realization that ‘this is happening through me,’ or ‘it is doing this for me.'” -Bruce Lee

This is what is meant by accessing the power within. Afterall, we have the ability to channel power unhindered if we would just move our fears and insecurities out of the way.

My challenge to you: take a task (a written work, a drawing, a song, etc) and aim to do it unhindered by outside thoughts. Take just a moment to wait, then dive in like no one’s ever gonna know about it.


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