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False idols

May 26, 2017

What happens when the idols were worship show themselves as frauds?

That’s a trick question, admittedly. In our search for perfection and love, we ascribe the qualities we want on the idol of our choice. Bad behavior is given excuses; uneasy feelings mean that we have the problem.

The better question is this: what happens when we finally open our eyes?

Perfection exists. Truth exists. Goodness exists. What we see isn’t it. It can’t be it. They are mere manifestations of creation. But in our search, we fail to see the elegance of the creator, and stop at the work.

The art is nothing without the painter. The smartphone, non-existent without the designers and engineers. If we remembered this daily, we would cease to worship creations. We may even recognize that we are creators ourselves, or at least possess the power.

Instead of trying to be “like gods,” we would already recognize our Image from the looking glass.

Do not be confused and place anything between you and perfection, goodness, the very Source. Similarly, don’t be fooled into believing the Source exists outside of you.

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