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Self Image

March 26, 2017

You will never rise above the level of your self image.

It’s how you see yourself. More than that, it determines what you do. Even further, it determines your identity.

Let me explain:

Self Image as Your Ceiling: “I am not smart enough to study the hard sciences” is a limitation on your intelligence. “I’m not dedicated enough to learn French” is a limitation on your ability.

The real danger, however, lies at the beginning of the sentence: “I am…”

Those two words tell me exactly how you see yourself. They tell me exactly where you will be a year from now. Who you will be a year from now.

The only way out is to change your self image. Take a new image and plug it in your subconscious. See it. Feel it. Visualize it. Do it vividly over and over until the images jolt your body with sensations reminiscent of reality.

Self Image as your Compass: “If I were [insert identity here], what would I do?

If you were a waiter at a restaurant, what would you do? How would you act?

If you’re a waiter right now, your list will be comprised of your current every day activities of serving, being polite to customers, etc.

Now change the image: If I were the manager of this restaurant, how would I act? How would I walk? What time would I show up? Would you spend an extra minute with customers, or maybe encourage your co-workers? Would you do tasks that need to be done without asking?

I hope you catch my drift. Tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you how you will act.

Better yet, tell yourself who you want to become, and simply be it


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