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The PseudoMasculinity of Trump

January 28, 2016

What’s so masculine about a man who takes to twitter after the slightest of criticisms?

How much of a man are you if you seek only to empower yourself at the expense of others?

What kind of man speaks with reckless disregard, refusing to learn from his mistakes and thus better himself?


To the chorus of little boys, such a brash and arrogant display is a refreshing burst of manhood. Women love him. Critics want to be him. They’ve found their god. They’ve created their god.


What these boys will soon realize is a shell of masculinity, a mere caricature, is a highly-processed substitute for the real dish. Soon, the satirical sideshow will come crashing down, and rationalizations and post-rationalizations alike will echo in the halls of pages of amateur commentators.


Will you be like the obsequious herd, attributing my criticism to hatred and envy?


Or will you awake and realize the power of narrative and media, noting that your sacred cow is being used merely as a means to a more profitable end?


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  1. Well, no. What mesmerizes people about Trump is not his masculinity but his egomaniac skills and symbology: it caters to the audience’s own egomaniac tendencies and aspirations. And Trump is masterful at that game.

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