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Constructive Energy

January 2, 2016

“The time and energy which we spend in striking back at those who anger us would make us independently wealthy if this great force were directed toward constructive effort-To building instead of tearing down!”

-Napoleon Hill

Time is finite, energy is not;

Energy is constructive or destructive; time is.

When we set a path for ourselves and proceed to that which we set out to do, our best energy belongs to us.

How then, shall we treat the casual offender?

Do we ignore him, only to lose face,

or do we engage him to lose time and energy?

If attention is our most valuable currency this day and age, do we buy the favor of others, or give our primary earnings to our detractors?

Ask yourself this one question before proceeding:

What am I building?

For to build is to set you apart,

when we live in a world full of demolition men.



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