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Quote of the Week: Do you believe in yourself?

September 15, 2014

“The world takes us at our own valuation. It believes in the man who believes in himself, but it has little use for the timid man, the one who is never certain of himself, who cannot rely on his own judgment, who craves advice from others, and is afraid to go ahead on his own account.”

-Orison Marden

It blows my mind to see the number of people calling themselves “forever alone,” but in the same breath turn and ask me for dating advice. Or those who say they will “never get this position” they apply for, but do it anyway.

Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism, or a way of self-motivation, but one must wonder:

What do you really believe? Or better yet, in whom do you believe?

It should be obvious how a negative belief can sabotage your success. Trying to identify as a loser while desiring to live like a winner will give way to confusion and failure.

If you want success, then live and act like you have it. Declare it today from the inside out and don’t look back. Your identity is defined by your own valuation, not by your circumstances. “Becoming” is a fruitless process that get’s you nowhere; being, on the other hand, is your best bet for a meaningful transformation.


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