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Cut the Garbage, Improve your Life

September 13, 2014

If you’re not reading 30 days to x, you’re missing out. Lately he’s put out a series of no nonsense articles that go less to theory and more to action. Here’s a blip from his latest post, three activities to avoid:

3. Associating with negative people

A long time ago I used to pal around with this guy who was a total deadbeat.

If you went out to eat he wouldn’t pitch in a single dime.

The dude wanted something from everyone but wasn’t willing to give back.

For a long time this made me mad.

One day I realized that there was a simple solution. I quit hanging out with him.

It’s one thing to complain about the negativity you’re experiencing; it’s another to take concrete steps towards eliminating it. Most of the time, it involves removing someone from your everyday interactions, or removing yourself from bad company. Nonetheless, the vigilance in monitoring the company you keep lies squarely in your court.

Disclosure: this is not an ad. I don’t know him; he don’t know me.


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