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3 Rules For Male Cabdrivers

September 10, 2014

In light of the new SheTaxi service, a cab service that serves only female passengers, males, especially cab drivers, need a clear wake up call. According to the founder, the service was created with concerns of male cabbie harassment.


With that said, let’s go over 3 rules that will help male cab drivers navigate the murky waters of everyday city transportation:

1) Stop denying you’re a predator. Cab harassment is a real thing. Keep your hands to yourself and your eyes on the road.

 What’s that? Never in your 18 years of driving have you even conceived of such a thought? You’re missing the point. This isn’t about bad apples or crappy individuals; this is a gender issue. Men lie, cheat, steal, and guess what? Men harass. Please, no more excuses.

2) See a woman? Keep it moving. The only surefire way to protect your over-the-top masculine desires from erupting is to stop picking up women completely. Disregard your notions of chivalry and business and cater to only male customers. Afterall, we’ve witnessed what all you men are capable of for the average women just trying to head to work in the morning:

3) Quit Your Job. Apparently your profession is full of predators, as the multitude of incidents listed in the article suggests.


You’re very welcome.




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