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Quote of the Week: Conflict of Will & Imagination

August 27, 2014

“When the will comes in conflict with the imagination, the imagination always carried the day”

-Émile Coué


You will live up only to the level of your self-image. You will only accomplish what you can see yourself accomplishing. It’s your mind, so use it wisely.


You have no time for negative thoughts. You simply don’t have time to listen to what the media or your peers tell you who you are or who you should be. You’re better off eradicating your negative beliefs and installing new ones. You wouldn’t let your yard be overcome by weeds and thorns, would you? Time to take a mental mower to the conditions you let get out of hand.


The unwitting dissenters will see this message as a contradiction. Rather, it is a corollary. See first, then accomplish.


Take responsibility for your beliefs. You have everything to lose, and everything to gain. Think, breathe, and live your improved self-image. The world does not change your belief; instead, belief changes your world.


Questions? You know where to find me.



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