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How to Overcome Rationalization

August 25, 2014

From Reader Mikeemisme, Kindly requested before my hiatus:

Most people don’t succeed because they don’t even try. Now there’s something to be said about refining yourself, but after a certain point you just need to *do*

Imagine the young aspiring athlete who spends hours reading about workouts and proper free-throw shooting technique, but never steps into the gym. Or the man who wants to start his business, but never moves past multiple readings of how to start a business. Or, worse yet, the man that studies the act of approaching people in public, but (you guessed it) never approaches anyone in public.


To all these, I ask: what are these people waiting for?


To you, I ask: what are YOU waiting for?


I can just hear the excuses now:


I’m just not ready yet: Truth is, you will never be 100% ready. But I’ll tell you what: making a move when you’re 10% ready beats the daylights out of never starting. If you never start, consider yourself a Zero Percenter.

I’m waiting for the right time: All things considered, there is no right time. So why not wait after making a move? Instead of waiting to start your business, start your business and wait. Instead of looking for that perfect window to speak to someone, just speak to them and see where things go.

If you’re dealing with a time-sensitive discipline, such as investing, then there may be a favorable time after all. But in the meantime, ask yourself what practical steps you can take right now. The answer might just surprise you.

I have no idea what I’m doing: That’s good, because doing is practice. When you figure out where you went wrong, you can go back to the drawing board, in the aim to adjust later. This is a successful method of mixing in theory & practice.

I’m just lazy: Make a to-do list. Keep it short, 3 to 5 items. Do them, check off, repeat. This will form a habit and push you into unthinking, machine-like productivity.


Is there an excuse I missed? Post it below. To the rest of you: go forth and do good.


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