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The Thirstiest Men of Instagram & Their Trashy Counterparts

January 7, 2014

So I’ve recently become aware of the following site making rounds: Thirstiest men of Instagram.

I’ll admit, Just seeing the title drew a laugh in anticipation of the cringeworthy and creative ways these guys would be expressing their carnal interests towards the female in picture (“thirsty” here means desperate, for the unaware). I mean, who wouldn’t want to laugh at the desperate attempts at play while sitting atop their high horse? Afterall, these men should be shamed for expressing their sexual intent to women who have committed no crime other than simply being attractive.

But wait.

After going through the first 3 photos, I noticed a trend. A few more photos, and I was looking for the only exception. The exception to photos like this one:

Bikini shots. Skintight clothing. Egregious cleavage. Self-absorbed selfies.

Now the bulk of the problem here isn’t just with the overly desperate men (or unintentional comedians). Nor does it lie squarely with the attention-seeking women in the photos. The real problem is with the framework that judges and shames another while overlooking virtues (such as maturity or self-restraint) in the self.

Thirsty men and sleazy women are merely symptoms of the issue. For instance, look at music videos from late eighties rock bands, or even hip hop artists today. The interplay with scantily-clad women seemed to say “I’ll treat her the way she’s dressed.” Note that you rarely see fully clothed, modest women with alcohol being poured down their crack. But what you also don’t see on the part of these men is any sense of restraint. Because she is dressed like that (and signaling availability), does not mean one should abdicate himself of prudence or self-control.

As far as these women go, the dominant narrative states that they are innocent, and the horny losers that dare comment on their photo have no right to objectify them (one spinoff article refers to the women as “victims”). But the defense of “I was just treating you like I saw you” flies out the window with notions such as slut-shaming and victim-blaming. That said, these young girls are either blissfully unaware of the impact of their photos, or worse (and much more likely), flat out immature and disingenuous.

Afterall, while the intuitive, emotional-focused nature of women can sense creepiness and filth from a mile away, the visual nature of man can see it and make a similar, accurate discernment.

I cannot defend either line of thinking. Nor can I stop being entertained by the exchange of sleazy photo for sleazy comment. I only ask that the tumblr site be renamed “thirstiest men of instragram and the trashiest women meet.”

I’ll work on a better title…later.

One Comment
  1. Mark permalink

    Her very name is “Christina Apple bum” … You couldn’t make it any more obvious.

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