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Student Leader Talks Game on Personal Blog; Heads Explode.

August 17, 2013

If you’ve found yourself on this blog more than once, chances are you’ve been exposed to game concepts, be it from here (albeit rarely) or from other writers. You probably also know these topics are not mainstream, and exposure to an unsophisticated (some call it “blue pill”) audience will likely end in a firestorm.

That’s exactly what happened when former University of Texas Student Body President Thor Lund decided to summarize his game “transformation” on his blog. The criticism, in the forms of a few response articles and comments, was harsh, swift, and sharp. The typical buzzwords such as “misogynistic,” “douchebag,” “privileged,” and “sexist” were used like they were going out of style. According to Lund, the hate mail and threats continue to pour in to his personal email.

After reading the blog post, I had to re-read it to see if I missed anything particularly outrageous. Was there anything that he wrote that merits the vitriol that it received? Let’s look at a few parts here:

Girls are lying all day long. They lie about their feelings, their weight, how much cardio they did, and what they think of their best friends oversized purse. But at the end of the day, when I get a girl back to my place, she will tell the truth.

So far, nothing out of the ordinary for the “red-pill” thinker. Claiming women lie? I can’t imagine many people his age who would take this info without a hint of defensiveness.

Women are counterintuitive. That is on purpose. If you could logically attract a woman, then all the engineers would win and our society would be wimpy… So the best way to think about women and how to get them to be attracted to you is to do the exact opposite of what you think. If you really like her, tell her you can’t stand her.

Teasing. Being a challenge. Emotional engagement. Does it work? Yes. Is this new and revolutionary (for you, at least)? Not in the least.

When you start treating one girl like she is special you will lose her. Women are special as a whole, but individually they are not, except for your sisters and mom and wife. Those ones are special. But regular girls at college and the bars, they aren’t special. Newsflash for everyone who is so in love with the first girl they met. I can find one hundred million girls that look just like her but speak two languages.

Can anyone disagree that placing a person on a pedestal for being of a certain gender and/or hitting the genetic lottery is preposterous?

I tried to be a nice boy, it doesn’t work. Girls hate nice clingy boys who do everything they want. It doesn’t make sense but that is how it is

What Mr. Lund will soon learn is that It makes perfect sense: what woman would want a man who will give away his attention at the drop of a hat? If he’ll do it for you, he’ll do it for anyone, all to satisfy his craving for female attention. Quite a weakness.

Notice all of these questions are open ended except the last one. That is because it gives her a chance to talk while you try not to barf. To be honest, I usually only make it to like the second one before I’m not paying attention to what she is saying and by question three I have transitioned to “Are you trying to get out of here?”

Not listening to a woman at the bar? Douchey. Using questions to take advantage of her? Sexist. I could almost hear the incantations of disgust from readers. The Tucker Max-esque delivery didn’t exactly help his case. But again, does it surprise anyone that people go to bars to hook up?

Overall, his blog post read like a former nice guy who is blown away by the counter-intuitiveness of attraction and begins to identify with the typical bad-boy image that guys new to game encounter. Outside of my personal objection to the hedonistic framework he constructed, I simply cannot locate a piece that is misogynistic or warranting of a death threat.

The Real Problem 

The real issue that lies underneath the name-calling is two-fold: the destruction of the pedestal and the demonization of male sexuality. I cannot help but think if the genders in this story were flipped. Does a woman who writes about her sexual exploits or how to attract men hate them? Would she be accused of objectifying them solely for pleasure or comfort?  Anyone who questions her choice to bed multiple men will be accused of slut-shaming. Yet a man who wants to join the hook-up game is shamed for having the exact same desires.

Perhaps the writing did not come in such good taste. That tends to be the case with the ugly truth. It’s hard to think that if he wrote it any cleaner, there wouldn’t be the same amount of outrage. Even worse is that he seemed to forget that he was just recently the student president of a large university in the liberal hub of America.

He could have used better judgment in avoiding the message of game altogether, especially for his audience. He wasn’t ready to fully own the identity, and now he, along with other male readers, may be shying away from the principles that he espoused. But while the episodes of shame and outrage continue, I suspect there will be a couple of men who will fall through the cracks and see things differently for a change.


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