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Turn off This Blog and Go Outside

August 14, 2013

A day doesn’t go by without seeing the same search terms and the same inquiries about what to do in a particular situation.  But most of these situations are not elaborate or complex; rather they look like petitions to abdicate one’s responsibility and have another man find the answers for them.

Truth is, you don’t need a blog to tell you what is the most “alpha” thing to do in every conceivable situation. You don’t need a thousand articles to tell you how to become more confident or to how to be a man. You don’t need to ask how long you should wait to answer a text.

The only thing you need is to go out and live. Learn from watching others, analyze, jump in and try yourself, then analyze again.

As for the “Experts?” They’re no smarter than you are. They don’t have anything you don’t. The only difference is they did something that you didn’t: stopped and questioned; discerned and analyzed; formulated and expressed.

So turn off this blog. Live your life, experience more, and give what you can in love to the world. You can read it later.


Go outside.

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