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On Demonstrating Higher Value

July 29, 2013

what does it [Demonstrating Higher Value] particularly mean? If possible, give some examples

Demonstrating value is essentially how you present yourself status-wise. This is important because girls typically opt for the higher status man. It’s a pickup term whose importance likely evolved after a pattern of women leaving men of lower status for better suitors was recognized. 

Demonstrating higher value in pick-up is told by telling stories about yourself, showing how cool you are or talking about your plans and lifestyle. I personally think the concept of telling a girl how cool you are is ineffective, because women can sniff out a low-status man trying to look better in front of her and impress her.

The best way to demonstrate higher value is to actually BE a higher value man. Learn a new language, pick up an instrument, travel to somewhere you’ve never been, expand your reading/vocabulary, etc. Just get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself while you increase your knowledge, intelligence, and overall confidence. Within a minute of speaking to you, a person will realize that you are indeed high value.

Quick Aside: I understand there are men who are high value yet ultimately fail at dating and relationships. You can separate yourself from this crowd by coming from a place of self-acceptance. In other words, you’re not challenging yourself to become high value; you’re living an exciting life because you already believe you are a person of worth. That said, it’s important you don’t prioritize anyone’s perception of you above your own perceptions and beliefs.

Move from the outside in, and from the inside out. Just be aware that you’re already there.


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  1. Totally agree with this. The reason ‘demonstrating’ higher value is important to pickup is because demonstrating is temporary and so is pickup. Many of the guys in the “PUA Scene” are looking for a temporary hookup or to prove to themselves they can score – but then they wonder why it doesn’t work out with her in the long run.

    This blog post addresses what would have to be done in order to actually hold a woman’s interest – don’t just demonstrate higher value, live it.

    Good post.

    – James

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