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Increasing Confidence: The Body

December 31, 2012

If you read this blog, you may have noticed a theme to increase confidence in your inner self. In doing so, I realized the blog has neglected any mention of the body: health, body image, etc. I’ll attempt to do just that in the following lines as well as in future posts. The focus here will be on the issue of weight training*.

*Quick Note: To avoid running the risk of sounding like a salesman, let me be clear that the programs I’m going to offer below are mere suggestions/starting points that I have personally tried. If you have another routine, or would like to develop one for yourself, you have my support.

The Benefits of weight lifting

Why lift weights? Perhaps even the word ‘weights’ seems to conflict with any goal you may have. Contrary to popular belief, weight lifting is not just for body builders. The average person can obtain the following benefits from weight training:

  • Increased Strength
  • Pleasure/Stress Relief (release of endorphins)
  • Boost in testosterone
  • Improved physique & posture
  • Better overall health

These items are just a few off the top of my head. A few of the benefits may be incidental to one’s goals. Yet, in discussing this topic with men, the two dominant reasons for wanting to lift weights come from Physique (Body Image) and Increased Strength (Physical Power).


Increased Strength

A strength program looks a bit different than the conventional wisdom you see in gyms and overhear by mildly experienced lifters. The central tenets are compound exercises (squat/bench/deadlifts), heavy weights, and lower reps.


If strength gain is your focus, then you would be served by a program like Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. The program focuses on the aforementioned barbell exercises (which are often neglected) in an easy-to-follow regimen. You won’t walk around a gym wondering what machine to go to next. You’ll know exactly what to do, and know you’ll be making progress each time.


The book seems pricey, but it’s worth it. Nonetheless, you can find an online wiki with the same information for free, or you can experiment with other similar programs, which are also free.


Increased Body Image

Perhaps you’re not concerned with strength, and you would a better physique. There’s nothing wrong with that. Improving your image is a great way to boost outer confidence.


I found It hard to lock down a physique program that actually delivers results or isn’t too complicated. I stumbled upon The Hollywood Physique by Clay Rogers. My doubts were removed upon seeing my share of solid transformations.


I’m currently giving it a go, and I can vouch for not only the theory, but also the ease. It’s a pretty solid program which offers guidelines down to the letter in terms of exercising and dieting. For a detailed review, Victor Pride’s blog gives a solid look.


Again, we’re not dealing with a free program. Nonetheless, my focus in getting into it was just finding a reputable program that works. It also helped that Clay was honest off the bat and has made himself available for any questions. If anyone is interested, I’ll keep an update log of how the program is working.



If you’ve taken anything out of this review, you should note the importance of physical health and self-image in addition to your inner game. Recall that the programs here are merely guidelines for those looking for a change. Also remember that any changes you make would be best from a position of self-acceptance as opposed to one of self-loathing. No matter what route you take to get towards your goal, I’d be glad to hear about it.



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  1. “If anyone is interested, I’ll keep an update log of how the program is working.”

    I’m interested in results, how long have you been on the program and how much experience did you have with weight lifting before starting it? I noticed he said it wasn’t for rookies but how much experience would be the necessary minimum?

    • I’ve been lifting on and off for years, and haven’t seriously lifted until I started the Starting Strength program.

      Clay assured me it wasn’t really for complete beginners, but it will serve guys who have messed around in a gym before or did workout programs like P90x. It seemed a bit cautious though, since I saw ridiculous transformations from guys who looked like they’ve never been to a gym in their life.

      I’d say if you’ve lifted weights before or done any kind of fitness training, it should give you good results (the program doesn’t make you “dive in,” but it tells you how to prepare your body via diet for best results). I’m only a month in myself.

  2. Not getting your new-posts updates for shit, even though I’m subscribed since how long.

    Anyway, I’ll resubscribe to see what happen.

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