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Quote of The Week: The Cure for “Nice” Guys

December 7, 2012

Quote of The Week, Courtesy of Yohami:


“The cure for nice guys is to actually feel entitled. To stop jumping through hoops.”


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  1. Grace permalink

    Wow. Really? I read the article you quote from and it’s simply not true. If you are entitled to something you claim ownership of it. A woman or man cannot be owned. That’s called slavery lol

    If you want to know how to be a real woman or man, learn about yourself by being accountable to someone (a mentor who is not a friend) maintain healthy relationships with other people and respect the opposite sex. The ‘nice guy’ phenomenon are the guys with no sense of identity. Same goes for the ‘nice girls’ out there. Oh… and hurting people hurt people. There are too many perspectives out there to just slam dunk one theory on mistaken identity problems lol

  2. Entitlement corresponds to guaranteed access, not ownership. In going from low self-esteem to entitlement, hopefully the nice guy can hit a healthy mean.

    I generally agree with the rest of your post.

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