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Asking Out the “Friend”

October 24, 2012


A question about asking out a hangout buddy.

“Im about to ask this girl out who i hang out with all the time. Help?

I’ve tried a couple times but there have been people around and my friends is helping but how should I do it and what should I say? Any place that’s good for a first date? Thanks”


Is there any

-activity/place you two would have a mutual interest in? Like a park/mini golf/etc?

-Any food that she makes/likes that you want to challenge her to come over and make with you?

-Know of any salsa/free partner dancing lessons that you can invite her to?


As Mentioned, make sure these activities are ones that you enjoy. Remember, you’re inviting her in to your lifestyle, not trying to impress.


That aside, you can take the pressure off of the “asking” part and segue an explained interest into a future meeting. You can even say it out of the blue:


“Hey I’m gonna check out these dance lessons and I’d like a partner.”

“I found this cool spot here in x. You should come.”

“I’m making a [dish] that you definitely have to try.”


Seem remedial? Since you’ve shifted your focus from a contrived, pressure-filled moment of fearful apprehension to a naturally smooth transition into a future rendezvous, it just may seem that way.


Take my word for it, and give it a crack, and even practice.




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