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Eliminate These Phrases From Your Vocabulary

April 24, 2012

Below is a list of 5 phrases that must be dropped from your vocabulary, followed by a list of suggested substitutes. Note that some of these unhelpful phrases may either be an expression of a poor mindset, or it may in turn negatively impact an existing mindset.

1. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Substitute Phrase/Mindset: Have a plan. Know what you want. If you’re on a date, then take the lead-say what you should do and go from there. If you’re with your buddies, then voice your wants, or at least make suggestions-just don’t be a douche about it.

2. “I can’t”

Substitute Phrase/Mindset: If it’s something you don’t want to do: “I won’t” “I don’t want to”

If it’s a task you think is tough: “I can handle this” or better yet: “Will I?”

Logical/obvious impracticability: “I am unable to”

3. “I’m not ____ (tall/rich/handsome/cool/etc.) Enough”

Substitute Phrase/Mindset: “I am Enough” – You are complete, in this moment, and no amount of height, money, or social approval can change that.

4. “I’ll Try”

Substitute Phrase/Mindset: “I will”. Recall here that it’s your act, not the result that matters. Trying leaves room for failure, while the very act of “doing” and taking action is a success in and of itself.

5. “I want to become more X

Substitute Phrase/Mindset: “I am X”

2 points on this one:

1) When you focus on ‘being’ instead of ‘becoming,’ you have implicitly affirmed your completeness. Try this for whatever you are trying to reach. When you take on the mindset of ‘being,’ you’ll be surprised how effortlessly your actions follow that belief. Try it out and let me know.

2) Self-Acceptance is key. Learning to love and accept yourself completely and in this moment will do more for your emotional freedom than beating yourself up and telling yourself how much you need to improve. Whatever improvement you need (weight loss, improved work ethic, etc). will be achieved out of a healthy love for yourself. Focusing on improvement has the risk of making you feel inadequate until you improve whatever it is you want to improve.

Bottom Line:

-Praise yourself. Turn those negative voices into positive ones. Be the source of your own happiness and validation. Finally, know yourself, believe in yourself, and lead.

Take Courage


  1. Another Addict permalink

    Practical power of positive thinking 🙂
    I love your wording and formatting, gets the point across in a clear way and the point needs to get across to so many people. Love it.

  2. This just gave me exactly what I needed for a fresh start tomorrow. Thank you SO much.

  3. Mate! This website is amazing! How did you make it look like this !

  4. I’m gonna have to tweet this instantly to my followers!The most solid,applicable seduction-based article I’ve read for the year.

    I haven’t done this lately(as an advanced PUA),but I’m actually manually taking not with a pen and pad for these simple steps lol.Good shit!

    • The most simple of tips can reach even the advanced. Thanks for the kind words.

      • Prob with a lot of guys is that they’re too proud to admit that they still can learn despite being seasoned already.

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