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Living From Completeness

December 31, 2011

Are you living for fulfillment or are you living from fulfillment?


Do you act and struggle in order to find what you’re missing, in order to complete yourself?

Or do you recognize that in this moment, you are complete, and choose to live your life out of said completeness?


Though seemingly nuanced, these are two completely different ways of living one’s life. I am reminded of this quote from Sun-Tzu:

“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.”

I take this quote to highlight the differences of fighting for victory and fighting from victory. One who sees victory before the battle begins will experience it. He is not looking for victory, but rather he is victorious, which leads him to act like so.


On the other hand, we have an individual who does not see his wholeness and looks to fulfill himself. He gets up every day and works tirelessly for money to add material possessions to his life. At night, he goes to the bar in search of a woman who will complete him and become his world. No matter how much money he makes or women he sleeps with, he never finds fulfillment. He believes the myth that accomplishment can derive from outside of himself.


How do you think you would act if you came from these two different mindsets? It’s likely that your outlook, your motivations, and your very subconscious body language would change. I challenge you to take the next week to live a life of abundance. Live with the knowledge that you are fulfilled from within, accepting your completeness and wholeness in this moment, and knowing that nothing external can add to what you ever thought you were missing.

If this mindset is incomprehensible at this point, then work in small steps towards a fulfilled mentality by analyzing what you think you’re missing and giving it to yourself. For example, if you work hard to acquire material possessions and women, you may find that what they represent for you is validation (from others realizing your ‘success’ with money and women). If this is the case, begin to validate yourself at the beginning and end of every day, not based on anything external, but just because you are who you are.


Don’t confuse this for faking it. The mindset that we aim for here is the truth, and we have been robbed of this truth at our own expense. It’s time to re-take this mindset of abundance and live out your life from, not for, your personal fulfillment.



  1. sweetopiagirl permalink

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. Great post PG I live for self improvement posts! Happy new year!

    I’m gonna add you to my blogroll…

  3. 1. That quote from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War means something entirely different. It’s about relevant variables between opposing armies. Victory is not arbitrary, however much luck comes into play. If one army has 200 soldiers and the other has 2,000…guess who will win? If one has bows and arrows and the other has Vulcan mini-guns, or one has spies in the enemy camp while the other hasn’t a clue, etc. All these determine victory. Read the Samuel Griffith translation. It’s the best.

    2. Watch out for Neecy. You turn your back on that chick, and she’ll grab your ass and not let go.

    • Zorro,

      The interpretation can refer to goal-setting and preparation, as well as one’s mindset before engaging in the fight. Believing you won the battle before fighting is key.

      All pedantry aside, I don’t believe Sun-Tzu (or any reputable strategist) would doubt the capability of a clearly outnumbered army. You need not look further than the numerous treatises on guerrilla warfare.

      Thanks for your contribution (and the fair warning).


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