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A Few Questions on Rejection

November 26, 2011

If there was no such thing as rejection, how many women would you ask out a week?


Would you go for quantity (pursue as many options as possible) or go for quality (those that you find the most desirable)?


How would you carry yourself if you knew no female would ever reject you? How would you approach them?


Would you ask them out submissively? Tell them what to do in a dominant manner? (Since rejection wouldn’t occur…would it even matter?)


Barring language barriers and finances, where would you go to take advantage of this privilege?


Who is that one person that would come to mind in light of this power? A former partner? A friend you could never convince through courtship? A celebrity/fantasy crush?


When would you be satisfied?


What if rejection did not matter to you?


If it genuinely didn’t bother you or make you question your self-worth…


What if you saw yourself as complete, and anybody who rejects you is ‘missing out?’ What if you saw rejection as  God’s way of protecting you?


How would you carry yourself, knowing female rejection does not matter? How would you approach them?


What if you focused on giving your unique presence to those whom you feel, with no expectations?


When would you be satisfied?

  1. singlewhitefemaledating permalink

    I would like to see more of “brave” people approaching each other based on chemistry or possibly just being “social”…

    When I go out socially I am never approached by guys and I am fairly shy.

    My friends have a theory – that guys will think that I am a certain person based on how I look? (guys have told me they will always talk to the less attractive girl based on “odds of not being rejected”)

    If someone approached me I would try to be kind and honest; as I would appreciate their bravery… 😀

    • Approaching to be social would be the ideal situation. However, it’s unlikely due to the preponderance of the “getting” mindset as opposed to a giving one.

      Your theory is generally accurate, but for a certain subset of men. The more insecure of guys will aim low to better their chances, and to rationalize in case of rejection. More secure guys are unconcerned with this dynamic.

      You should also note that men will subconsciously want to approach a woman who looks approachable. For the secure guy, There will be many attractive girls in any social setting. If he could only approach one, it would likely come down to appearance of receptivity.

  2. Approaching to be social is what worked for me, it minimizes the stress, minimizes the goal-oriented mindset, so it minimizes rejection too.

    When they feel you´re comfortable in your own skin, the doors open.

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