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Accept the Challenge

November 11, 2011

Learn to get out of your comfort zone and accept the next challenge you get with open arms.


It does you no good to shy away from potentially challenging situations. “It looks difficult” is not a sufficient response.


You don’t even need to worry about doing it right, whatever ‘it’ is. Just learning to say “yes” with confidence will take you much further than you think.


Truth is, you’re capable of much more than you are aware. Because you have chosen to remain comfortable, your ability has been left untested, perhaps giving you the illusion that you lack the ability to tackle an issue head on.


Today, volumes of songs are left written, cutting intellectual and technological developments left undeveloped, and pervasive issues are left to plague our society. All because men have shied away from reaching their full potential, taking the sure and easy route in order to avoid the distress of accepting the challenge that lies in front of him.


SIDE NOTE: It’s no wonder why so-called shit tests are blown up as scary, daunting devices. Numerous PUA sites have pages of potential responses to certain lines, developed to alleviate the fear that afflicts many male suitors. What they fail to address is the heart of the problem: these men are fearful of having their manhood challenged.


I challenge you (pun probably intended) to take a small step out of your comfort zone. Take on the small tasks that lie ahead of you. You might just realize that the toughest part was starting it.


Most importantly, it is imperative that you take these measures in light of your own self-improvement. Taking on a great or difficult task will give you the confidence to perceive your own capability. This is regardless of whether or not you “succeed” (I personally believe your success comes the moment you “man up” to the test because you are now fulfilling your capacity).



  1. Neecy permalink

    Great post PG! I also did a post on this as I am often fearful of stepping out of my comfort zone. I plan on making this a goal in the new year for sure!

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