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An Honest Conversation

October 31, 2011

It’s about time you sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. It’s time to expose all of your deepest thoughts, concerns, fears, and hopes to your conscious mind.

It’s time you stop pretending like nothing can get to you, and focus on those issues which do truly impact your thoughts and feelings.

Bringing out all of your thoughts and fears in this manner will expose them, giving them less power over you. Ignoring them will inhibit progression in your most important relationship, which in turn will cause your other ones to suffer.

For example, Take a look at the two mindsets of a guy who has just been rejected (for a position, date, etc.):

“Nah, that didn’t bother me at all! I’m not worried about it.”

“I felt X[however you feel at the time]. It’s probably because I X [probing to find the root of your feeling, be it a fear or event]. Either way, I accept this feeling, and I let it go.” 

Does this “feeling” talk make you weak? By no means. It takes a strong person to know themselves, to be willing to look into the undesirable to find the truth.

Keep in mind that this conversation is with yourself. You don’t need to pour out your deepest thoughts to everyone, or anyone to that matter. What matters first is that you know yourself fully.

When you get the courage to begin an honest approach with yourself, you’ll realize that it’s not just a one time thing, but rather an on-going dialogue. Afterall, there’s no greater feeling then the lifting of burdens, some of which you didn’t realize you were even carrying.


Be honest, be Blessed.





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