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You Have Plenty to Offer

August 20, 2011

Despite what you feel, and what the barrage of ads are telling you, the simple truth is that you are complete.


With this, you should realize that as a complete person, your focus shifts from an attitude of neediness to one of giving. Simply put, you have plenty to offer.


If you don’t believe me then try this exercise: Go out and interact with people (friends and strangers alike) with one goal in mind: making them smile. Whether you do it by (honest) praise, or validation, or by giving a smile first, is up to you.


Giving them something to smile about is a gift in and of itself. You’ll realize that you have the power to change someone’s inner mood. By giving specific praise or validation, you empower the other individual by revealing to them the truth: they also have plenty to offer.


Imagine a community with complete individuals, with each knowing their worth, living in a world where they freely give to each other without worrying about want or need, acceptance and approval.


Now stop imagining and do your part. Now the question remains: Who have you validated today?


  1. love this stuff

  2. Neecy permalink

    HI PG!

    This is so true. How much time do we spend everyday putting down people or talking negativley about someone trying to make them feel like dirt simply for living or being instead of bringing positive vibes to others. It seems the day goes by much better when you make another person feel good. And as a result good karma gives the same to you in return. I think we all should make a conscious effort daily to make another person feel good.

  3. Leo permalink

    Such a positive vibe. Was able to validate several people while running at the park this morning (smiling at random exercisers). Will make it a point to make someone smile wherever I go. Thanks! 🙂

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