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What’s your excuse?

August 11, 2011

Much can be said about the video posted below. If 8 minutes is too long, just watch a few seconds in, then fast forward to 7:00.



Now we can talk about certain clear themes, such as the power of one, or how one should be a leader, or how followers will ridicule an activity until it becomes socially acceptable (from making fun to β€œI wanna go down!”). Yet I feel there’s a much clearer message overall:



Evident truth be told, those bright ideas you have will not materialize if you don’t just start somewhere. This goes for that business you’ve been dreaming of, or that relationship, be it professional or personal, that you wish to begin and develop. So what’s your excuse for inaction?


Perhaps you’re worried that it won’t turn out exactly as you see it. Yet, look at it this way: you’re worried that your idea won’t be 100% what you envisioned it, yet without any concrete action, it weighs in at an unimpressive 0%. In comparison to nothing, questions of perfection should be irrelevant. In the stage of initiating, It’s important that you don’t worry about any kind of outcome.


With that said, it is vital that you enjoy yourself in the process. Chances are if it’s been floating in your mind, then it’s something that you love to do. If anything, take pleasure in the challenge of initiating and creating.


Start something, and start anywhere. The rest will follow.

  1. Neecy permalink

    Thank you for this post. I am literally at the crossroads in my life where I am now realizing this. If you never even attempt how can you do and get better? A lot of times the fear is failure before you even attempt something you love. I have so been there. Now I understand that baby steps and some obstacles are inevitable, but that will not keep me from pursuing my passions and dreams πŸ™‚

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