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Playing Hard to Get

August 2, 2011

New Rule: Stop playing “hard to get.”

Rather, BE hard to get.


The former is out of insecurity. You’re trying to appear occupied in an attempt to hide your true desperate and needy nature. The game is old, and recognizable to even the least discerning of individuals.

BEING hard to get means you actually are occupied, and you are also without a need of a chaser.

Becoming occupied is as simple as developing a new activity. Learn a new language. Pick up an instrument. Explore a new topic. Start an workout/exercise plan. Even take a walk. Such activities will give you the results of playing hard to get, without the play and charades.


Drop the illusion. Focus instead on bettering yourself.

One Comment
  1. Hey man, I like your blog. You have a pretty good handle on things.

    I realized that, for your last point, I was actually harder to get in the actual sense of the word than I appeared. I had things going on and places to be, people to meet, but I was being too available for girls.

    I’m going to try and play harder to get, but its not actually playing because I’m just being true to myself now and actually prioritizing myself over going on a date.

    Keep sharing your thoughts!

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