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Your Most Meaningful Relationship

June 24, 2011

Is with the self.


This statement can be evaluated with certain attitudes, ranging from “obviously!” to “Hey, I’ve never thought of it that way,” and unfortunately, an outright rejection by those who think this is ‘spiritual’ or unnecessarily deep.

To the two extremities, I’d like to point out that perhaps it’s not so obvious. Ever seen a buddy obsess over someone he/she doesn’t even know? How about a friend who was willing to give up anything just to GET that someone that he’s infatuated with at the time.


A few issues can be drawn from this. The most relevant are the facts that 1) he has put someone else in the number one spot, where he should be, and 2) He lacks self worth, simply because he hasn’t taken the time to know himself and what he has to offer, which means that 3) He feels inadequate, and hopes that these objects of affection can “complete him.”

Problem? Yes. Solution?

Ever considered getting to know yourself, down to consciously becoming aware of your thoughts, ideas, interests, doubts, etc? Is it so difficult to examine your qualities, and see what you have to offer? Finally, why haven’t you realized that you are already complete, and that no other person or material object is necessary for your wholeness?

The questions and revelations can go on, but what it really boils down to is self awareness, coupled with a real love for yourself. If you lack the former, you will be devoid of your full potential and sense of worth. If you are lacking in the latter, then not only have you inadvertently stopped yourself from loving others, but you’ve also disallowed yourself from being loved by others (if you don’t love you, who will?).

Real satisfaction comes from within. Knowing this, you’ll find no need to look elsewhere for completion. In fact, you’ll truly realize that you have much more to give than to get.

  1. So simple, so crucial, and yet so often overlooked!

    Recognising your own intrinsic value is the key to communicating from a place of having something to offer, as opposed to a place of neediness.

    When you recognise your own value you no longer need anyone else to fill you up and make you feel complete. Instead, you are full already, and sharing what you have to offer with the world.

    Nice to read some worthwhile advice, it’s rarer than it should be 😉

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