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The PseudoMasculinity of Trump

What’s so masculine about a man who takes to twitter after the slightest of criticisms?

How much of a man are you if you seek only to empower yourself at the expense of others?

What kind of man speaks with reckless disregard, refusing to learn from his mistakes and thus better himself?


To the chorus of little boys, such a brash and arrogant display is a refreshing burst of manhood. Women love him. Critics want to be him. They’ve found their god. They’ve created their god.


What these boys will soon realize is a shell of masculinity, a mere caricature, is a highly-processed substitute for the real dish. Soon, the satirical sideshow will come crashing down, and rationalizations and post-rationalizations alike will echo in the halls of pages of amateur commentators.


Will you be like the obsequious herd, attributing my criticism to hatred and envy?


Or will you awake and realize the power of narrative and media, noting that your sacred cow is being used merely as a means to a more profitable end?

A Change of Mind

“You can change the attitude of others toward you by first changing your attitude towards others.”

If reality is a mere reflection of our innermost judgments and beliefs, then doesn’t it make sense to ground ourselves in the most positive framework?

You are shaping reality. From the nastiness you choose to dwell on to the construction of standards that no one can meet. If only you knew that your subconscious has obeyed you, turning all negativity and judgment on itself.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Take a deep breath and see, the mental framework you have constructed for your reality. Is it negative or positive? Judgmental or understanding? Faithful or doubtful?

The best news is that change can come as you will.

You create the new blueprint for your reality, as an architect, holding the image of your new framework in your mind until it becomes the dominant idea, and the old, unused structure crumbles into a thousand pieces.

Write it out. Speak it out. Keep it on your mind at all times. For It’s unwise to spend another minute atop a framework built on shaky ground.

Constructive Energy

“The time and energy which we spend in striking back at those who anger us would make us independently wealthy if this great force were directed toward constructive effort-To building instead of tearing down!”

-Napoleon Hill

Time is finite, energy is not;

Energy is constructive or destructive; time is.

When we set a path for ourselves and proceed to that which we set out to do, our best energy belongs to us.

How then, shall we treat the casual offender?

Do we ignore him, only to lose face,

or do we engage him to lose time and energy?

If attention is our most valuable currency this day and age, do we buy the favor of others, or give our primary earnings to our detractors?

Ask yourself this one question before proceeding:

What am I building?

For to build is to set you apart,

when we live in a world full of demolition men.



What if I told you,

that you could create reality through your thoughts?

Would you believe it?

What if,

instead of wishing and hoping,

you thought until your body squirmed and sprung into action?

Would you try it?


Perhaps you don’t intend to come face to face with your success;

you don’t want the weight of responsibility solely in your grasp.

Then what?

Shall we continue to wish and hope,

for we have come this far.

Will our half-spirited, lukewarm autosuggestions get us anywhere?

Are we also devoid of effort?

Afterall, we have nothing to lose.


Out of My Control

I sit calmly as the fire rages on.


I’m opposed to putting it out in fear of losing the light,

nor can I afford to lose the heat.

One cannot imagine the deafening silence of the absence of conflagration;

what will I do without the flames dancing to my entertainment?


I love this; I am this.


For if the fire were to go, so would a piece of me, nay, all of me,

as I’ve identified with the element as it grew beyond my comprehension and control.

This is out of my control.


How could I become one with something so dangerous, something  set out to impose its will on me?

For I thought I had a handle on it, that it moved and breathed to my every command.

Now it is the dominant. Without it, I am nothing. With it, I am burned.

Where does one go from here? Surely there must be a way.

But this battle will be won not by a domestication of the elements,

but of the emotions within.

Stop Coming to My House: An Update

Beginning this week, all future activity will take place at Followers will be moved. Lurkers, plan accordingly.


Quote of the Week: Do you believe in yourself?

“The world takes us at our own valuation. It believes in the man who believes in himself, but it has little use for the timid man, the one who is never certain of himself, who cannot rely on his own judgment, who craves advice from others, and is afraid to go ahead on his own account.”

-Orison Marden

It blows my mind to see the number of people calling themselves “forever alone,” but in the same breath turn and ask me for dating advice. Or those who say they will “never get this position” they apply for, but do it anyway.

Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism, or a way of self-motivation, but one must wonder:

What do you really believe? Or better yet, in whom do you believe?

It should be obvious how a negative belief can sabotage your success. Trying to identify as a loser while desiring to live like a winner will give way to confusion and failure.

If you want success, then live and act like you have it. Declare it today from the inside out and don’t look back. Your identity is defined by your own valuation, not by your circumstances. “Becoming” is a fruitless process that get’s you nowhere; being, on the other hand, is your best bet for a meaningful transformation.


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