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I Am Enough

I once read a rather poignant article on affirmations. The article was addressed to young, clueless males who struggled in the dating scene, though the principles remain universal.

In this article, the author mentioned that there were only two affirmations anyone would ever need:

  1. I love myself
  2. I am Enough

My attention immediately fell upon the second. Is it true that at the root of our struggles and insecurities is the belief that we are not enough?

As a corollary, can we overcome the insecurities by affirming that we are enough?

I can hear it now: affirmations are junk. Affirmations are useless. Etc.

But what if those affirmations are proclamations of truth?

We know that an affirmation cannot work  without the agreement of logic and emotions. However, as sure as the mathematical principles are two fundamental truths to every human: Our love for ourselves, and our inherent value.


“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.”

-Jim Rohn

I was sifting through Darren Hardy’s infinite wisdom this morning. Apparently conventional wisdom has it all wrong when it comes to goals:

*Write down goal -> Take action to achieve goal*

This is an ineffectual framework. The more effective framework looks like the following (hence the aforementioned quote):

*Write down goal -> BE(come) person you need to be to achieve goal*

You are encouraged to state your new-found characteristics in the BE (present) form, and not the BECOMING (future) form. For if you are becoming, you will never get there.

Perhaps the most potent truth not covered by Hardy is the following: Achievement is not outside of us; achievement, like everything else that carries true value, is found within. The more you see your goal as external, the further you run from yourself in the pursuit of emptiness.

Your external goal may be perpetually down the road, however BEING the person to accomplish that goal can start today.


Why Am I Valuable?

“Why am I valuable?”

Because you’re here.

“Why am I here?”

To express yourself.

“Why should I express myself?”

To make everyone aware of their own value.

“What do others have to do with me?”

Find your power, empower others, grow your power.

“Why me?”

Because you’re valuable.

The PseudoMasculinity of Trump

What’s so masculine about a man who takes to twitter after the slightest of criticisms?

How much of a man are you if you seek only to empower yourself at the expense of others?

What kind of man speaks with reckless disregard, refusing to learn from his mistakes and thus better himself?


To the chorus of little boys, such a brash and arrogant display is a refreshing burst of manhood. Women love him. Critics want to be him. They’ve found their god. They’ve created their god.


What these boys will soon realize is a shell of masculinity, a mere caricature, is a highly-processed substitute for the real dish. Soon, the satirical sideshow will come crashing down, and rationalizations and post-rationalizations alike will echo in the halls of pages of amateur commentators.


Will you be like the obsequious herd, attributing my criticism to hatred and envy?


Or will you awake and realize the power of narrative and media, noting that your sacred cow is being used merely as a means to a more profitable end?

A Change of Mind

“You can change the attitude of others toward you by first changing your attitude towards others.”

If reality is a mere reflection of our innermost judgments and beliefs, then doesn’t it make sense to ground ourselves in the most positive framework?

You are shaping reality. From the nastiness you choose to dwell on to the construction of standards that no one can meet. If only you knew that your subconscious has obeyed you, turning all negativity and judgment on itself.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Take a deep breath and see, the mental framework you have constructed for your reality. Is it negative or positive? Judgmental or understanding? Faithful or doubtful?

The best news is that change can come as you will.

You create the new blueprint for your reality, as an architect, holding the image of your new framework in your mind until it becomes the dominant idea, and the old, unused structure crumbles into a thousand pieces.

Write it out. Speak it out. Keep it on your mind at all times. For It’s unwise to spend another minute atop a framework built on shaky ground.

Constructive Energy

“The time and energy which we spend in striking back at those who anger us would make us independently wealthy if this great force were directed toward constructive effort-To building instead of tearing down!”

-Napoleon Hill

Time is finite, energy is not;

Energy is constructive or destructive; time is.

When we set a path for ourselves and proceed to that which we set out to do, our best energy belongs to us.

How then, shall we treat the casual offender?

Do we ignore him, only to lose face,

or do we engage him to lose time and energy?

If attention is our most valuable currency this day and age, do we buy the favor of others, or give our primary earnings to our detractors?

Ask yourself this one question before proceeding:

What am I building?

For to build is to set you apart,

when we live in a world full of demolition men.



What if I told you,

that you could create reality through your thoughts?

Would you believe it?

What if,

instead of wishing and hoping,

you thought until your body squirmed and sprung into action?

Would you try it?


Perhaps you don’t intend to come face to face with your success;

you don’t want the weight of responsibility solely in your grasp.

Then what?

Shall we continue to wish and hope,

for we have come this far.

Will our half-spirited, lukewarm autosuggestions get us anywhere?

Are we also devoid of effort?

Afterall, we have nothing to lose.



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